About Me.  


Hi there.  My name is Danielle. I own too many cake pans and not enough books.  I wait for Thanksgiving like some kids wait for Santa on Christmas Eve.  Coffee is not optional.  I would perform unspeakable acts for the person(s) who invents calorie-free French bread, Havarti cheese or cake.  My house is decorated as though a tornado randomly dumped parts of Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Target, Sur la Table and IKEA in each room.  I firmly believe there are three things in life that are certain – taxes, death … and ZOMGALLTHELAUNDRY. George R. R. Martin tries my patience but I love him anyway.  I have an obsessive relationship with my iPad and would be slightly more productive had I not discovered the thrill of crushing candy or harvesting hay.  “Common sense” doesn’t seem so common to me, and willfully ignorant people make me stabby.  Also, the truest phrase ever uttered:  “Someday, when you have kids of your own, you’ll understand.”  Last but not least, Karma is bitchy only if you piss her off.  So maybe don’t?

About this blog.

One of my favorite people ever is my paternal grandfather.

grandpa and me

He had a magical way of making me feel like I lived in a giant hug. One of his favorite expressions was, “Isn’t that marvelous?”  It meant so many different things, depending on the inflection in his voice.  If we made him art from crayons and macaroni, “Isn’t that marvelous!”  If someone cut him off in traffic, “Isn’t THAT marvelous?”  (Usually followed by, “You banana-head.”)  When he held his great-grandson for the first time, “Oh isn’t this marvelous!”  He’s been gone for nearly a decade now, but I still hear his voice uttering those words.

My grandfather influenced a couple of the loves in my life:  cooking and learning.  I don’t think anything ever came out of his kitchen that wasn’t unbelievably delicious.  And while he and I were – to put it mildly – at opposite ends of the political/social/economic-views spectrum, the way we debated taught me to appreciate the learning, creativity and invention that comes from competing viewpoints.

This blog is dedicated to him and carrying forward the love and learning he inspired.

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